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Were you super excited about using cloth diapers on your baby UNTIL you did some online browsing  and now it  feels like one more major  decision and a potentially expensive one.

The truth is that so many expectant parents think that cloth diapers are an awesome idea but they NEVER actually end up cloth diapering. Why? Because they get overwhelmed by the huge selection and high prices and  they are left confused by all of the wishy washy often conflicting advice from the very sites that are trying to sell them cloth diapers.  OR they never really make that initial decision on whether or not they are going to use cloth diapers, if you are on the fence and want to make a decision click here to check out my video from Cloth Diapers 101 Module.1: Deciding.

What if cloth diapering could be super easy, straight forward and affordable  and washing extremely simple.  What if your baby didn't  have to have a big bubble butt (caused by bulky cloth diapers) and what if you don't have to spend a crazy amount of money.

Well, that is exactly what I'm going to tell you! Here at BB Cloth Diapers (home of Boobles Bottoms, rhymes with google) you will be introduced to an easy, affordable cloth diapering system where everything you need to diaper your baby all the way from birth to potty is ready and waiting for you in 1 kit.

For less than $400 CAD you can cloth diaper with confidence!

Trim Fitting, Affordable, Easy To Size, Easy to Wash, Easy to Use, Straight Forward, Canadian Made One Size Cloth Diapers