At BB We believe cloth diapers should be easy, affordable, trim fitting and stylish.  You will notice that BB's look different from the other diapers you have seen online; that's because they are different!

Back when your grandmother was using cloth diapers (which is what everyone used before disposables were introduced in the 1960's) she most likely used what were called flat diapers. Flat diapers were a large square of 100% cotton flannelette, they would be folded into a kite shape, wrapped around the baby, pinned on either side and covered with a pull on vinyl diaper cover. From the flat diapers we kept the fabric and the cover; we changed the shape and added velcro. Creating the most trim fitting one size diapers (one size meaning it is easily adjusted to fit from birth to potty 7-40 lbs), they also happen to be the easiest to wash, extremely durable, quick drying, affordable and very easy to use.